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Object  + Jewel

‘It is difficult to confine beauty to either objective or subjective categories. It seems to be more satisfactory to regard it as an interaction between mind and an object or an idea which arouses emotion’

(H.E. Huntley – ‘The Divine Proportion: A study in mathematical Beauty’ 1970)

The work shown in Object + Jewel engages with questions relating to ideas and definitions of beauty, adornment and decoration.

This enquiry investigates the creative process itself, and seeks to understand how artefacts can act as mediators in sensual and sensory experiences.
It proposes that by utilising certain visual language which the human eye reacts to positively objects can stimulate this sensuous pleasure. This is particularly evident in forms derived from geometry, especially in response to the circle where there is beauty and harmony in the infinite quality of the unbroken line. Individual objects exploit this notion, making references to mathematics, whilst balancing analytical and instinctive judgement. Pieces combine form with line; silver with dyed monofilament and invite visual and tactile exploration of inside out.

This collection of brooches and vessels were exhibited in 2 linked group exhibitions, ‘Beyond Materials’ (Gallery of Art and Design, Bangkok - 2001) and ‘B1 3PA’ (Metallum Galleri, Stockholm -  2002) which brought together the same academic researchers in Applied Art.  In the catalogue introduction for ‘Beyond Materials’ Dr Jivan Astfalck says of the participants:

‘In their questioning of established ideas of what constitutes adornment and how decoration should be defined and executed in the twenty-first century, these works engage the eye and the mind simultaneously. They appeal to the intellect whilst eliciting an instantaneous sensual reaction of pleasure: to touch, to hold and wear; a desire beyond materials.’

(Dr Jivan Astfalck: ‘Beyond Materials’ 2001)

This work built upon the 2001 Yorkshire Artspace commission. Some of these pieces were subsequently selected for the 2004 ‘Jewellery Unlimited’ juried exhibition, Bristol; Selected by C. Julius (journalist and critic) for 'Celebrating 30 Years' at the Crafts Council Shop at the V&A (2003); formed part of the ‘Silver Salon’ collection for the Millennium Gallery (2003), and the ‘Great Dining Room’ display in Chatsworth (2007).