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Jivan Astfalck

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Elizabeth Callinicos

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Jack Cunningham

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Andreas Fabian

Images © Stephen Brayne, Andy Hale, Markus Wilkens

Chris Knight

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Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill

Images © the artist, Dr Hywel Jones

Laura Potter

© Tomás Valenzuela (All images of final works), © the artist (drawings and in progress work)

Jessica Turrell

Images © Jason Ingram, the artist

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With grateful thanks to all who have supported this project, especially Arts Council England and the Art and Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University for their generous funding.

My enormous gratitude to the following people whose commitment and hard work has made this project possible: Peter Downes, Rebecca Gilray, Chris Knight, Tim Machin and Marisa Mroczek.

Special thanks of course to all the makers without whom we would have nothing to speak of.

Exhibition concept and curator:Maria Hanson MA(RCA)
Catalogue concept and design:Rebecca Gilray MA(SHU)
Text:© 2011
Professor Paul Chamberlain
Maria Hanson
Excerpts from exhibitor texts
Exhibition design and build:Peter Downes
Website:Owen Waterhouse MA(SHU)

SIA Gallery [24th March - 20th April 2011]
Furnival Building
Sheffield Hallam University
153 Arundel Street
Sheffield, S1 2NU

Galerie Marzee [7th October - 12th December 2012]
Lage Markt 3 (Waalkade 4)
NL-6511 VK Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Exhibition Catalogue: ISBN 978-1-84387-334-1