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Research Projects
Commissions and Collections

Wearable punch cup

Silver and 23ct Gold
© 2007
Commissioned by the Sheffield Assay Office as part of the Millennium punch bowl and cups project.

Cream Jug

© 2007
Commissioned by Alan and Ellen Reid, Master and Mistress Cutler 2006/07. Presented to the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire.

This piece continues the enquiry, which engages with issues that surround the ‘reading’ of craft objects. It makes historical references to handles and holding but the position of the handle in relation to the vessel is both unexpected and playful.

Drinking Set # 1
Silver and anodised aluminium
© 2006
Collaboration: M.Hanson & C.Knight
Purchased by the Shipley Art Gallery in 2007

Can artefacts cross boundaries in terms of their intended use? Can a domestic cup be a chalice? Can objects become ‘sacred’ outside of religious frameworks and if they can what enables this transcendence to take place?  

Through material and visual language symbolic reference is made to the Holy Family, the sacrament of the Eucharist and the secular family and its union. The plate or tray that the jug, cups and bowl sit reflects the altar and domestic table. The need to place all the objects back on the plate when not being poured or drunk from retains this sense of unity.
There is ambiguity in these objects suggesting they may cross the boundary between religious and secular object.

‘Family Communion’
Communion set

Silver, gold plate and anodised aluminium
© 2004
Collaboration: M.Hanson & C.Knight
Commissioned for a Private Collection, New York, USA.

Commissioned by a catholic family in the USA to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary
The religious and secular communion is represented through symbolic ecclesiastical references.
Interaction – Sharing – The singular rosary bead, intimate and contemplative – removing the formal ostentation of the high church and altar, without removing the significance of the action.

‘A New Communion’
Communion set

Silver, gold plate, gold leaf and black acetal
© 2000
Purchased by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery with funds from the Contemporary Art Society

‘Inside – Outside’
Vessel # 1, 2 & 3

Silver and dyed monofilament
© 2001
Commissioned by the Yorkshire Artspace Society to celebrate the opening of ‘Persistence Works’ in Sheffield.

‘Family # 2’

18ct gold and lapis lazuli
© 2006
Commissioned by the Modern Collection Committee for the Goldsmiths’ Company

This neckpiece developed from an ongoing enquiry
that explores notions of balance, interlocking and co-
habitation through jewels that are made to be worn or
draped around the neck. This piece depends on
gravity to function in harmony on the body, making
historical references to the Egyptian plum bob. The
choice of materials exploits visual associations with
ancient Egyptian jewels, whilst the number and
position of component parts creates a composition
that requires the body to be fully appreciated. It is
through the movement of the body when worn that this
piece truly comes alive.

‘Interlock #3’

Silver and red ribbon.
© 2004
Purchased for a private collection, UK

‘Enclosure # 2’

Silver, gold leaf, cast resin and stainless steel.
© 2001
Purchased for a private collection, USA

‘Balance # 3’

Silver, gold leaf, dyed monofilament and stainless steel
© 1996
Purchased for a private collection, Germany

‘Order and Chaos # 2’

Oxidised silver, dyed monofilament and stainless steel
© 1998
Purchased for a private collection, Germany

‘Order and Chaos # 1’

© 1997
Purchased for a private collection, UK

‘Triangle # 1’

Silver and stainless steel
© 1991
Neckpiece produced as a limited edition of 10.
Purchased in 1993 for the National Museum of Scotland
Purchased for private collections in UK, Germany, Italy and USA.

Body Piece 9: ‘Synthesis 2’

Silver 18ct gold and stainless steel
© 1994
Purchased in 1995 for the Crafts Council Collection.

Body Piece 2

Silver and stainless steel
© 1991
Royal College of Art Collection

Decorative Railings
St Maries Cathedral, Sheffield

Powder coated steel and glass
© 1997
Commissioned as part of the ‘Metal Heaven’ public art project.